I’ve had a dream for a long time. About working with a community of fellow myth-makers, all of us together, weaving ourselves and the world back into a shining web of relationship. About building a tribe of those I call the ‘mythical misfits’ – those of you who’ve fallen out of the prevailing, destructive cultural myth, who are in that place in between stories, and who are looking to uncover new (or maybe, sometimes, old) myths to live by.

I’ve thought long and hard about the best ways to do that – about how to create opportunities which build on my particular gifts and ways of being in the world. Thought about how to pass on the skills and wisdom I’ve learned over long decades of professional and personal practice, as well as my passion for transformation, and my deep love of myth and story. And out of that long, searching reflection came the idea for This Mythic Life: a new monthly membership program which is now open for enrolment.

I conceived of this program as a kind of modern mystery school: a university of the psyche in which we get to reimagine ourselves in the Earth’s image.

At the heart of this program is my passion for building community around work with the mythic imagination, and for transforming the world from the bottom up – beginning with each one of us. Because if I’m passionate about any one thing, I’m passionate about transformation. It’s only by transforming ourselves that we can hope to transform the world. If we want to change the dominant, life-denying cultural mythology which is failing us and failing the planet, we need to begin by transforming the myths that each one of us chooses to live by. We need to discover our personal calling, to uncover the unique gift that we each bring to the world at this time – and to understand our own individual mythopoetic journey through this life. That’s the foundation of all of my work.

Change always begins with individuals, and it always begins with imagination. It begins with a different story which succeeds in capturing our imagination more effectively than the now-crumbling old story which has been foisted on us. Different stories which speak to our longing for deeper connection, for deeper meaning. Which reflect the old ways of knowing that are still written in our bones: the knowing that tells us we are part of the great web of life on this planet – that we belong here. My work is designed to help you find those new stories.

Our ancient Western wisdom traditions tell us that it’s through exercising the embodied and emplaced imagination – through working with myth, archetypes, dreams, fairy tales, and through exploring creative and expressive practices – that we can come to understand our purpose in this life, weave ourselves back into the land where our feet are planted, and come to feel a sense of belonging to this beautiful, animate Earth in which we’re so deeply enmeshed.

And so This Mythic Life is a unique, ongoing membership program and virtual learning space which guides you to revive these old enchantments, to unlock the magic of the everyday, and which supports you while you’re delving deep into the mysteries of wild psyche.

The program will be centred around livestreamed webinars with live chat, workbooks, audio files with guided meditations and imaginal journeys, and (at the Gold membership level) a members-only podcast in which I focus in on a favourite myth or fairy tale, and discuss the ways in which its themes and archetypes cast light on the issues we face in our lives in these challenging times. At the heart of the program is learning to harness the deep imagination – through three different types of journeying and dreamwork, as well as through writing and the expressive art.

Ultimately, this journey is about rediscovering our ancient heritage, and taking up our place again among the other-than-humans on this planet with whom we are so deeply and so beautifully entangled.

If you’re passionate about myth and fairy tales, and are interested in depth and archetypal psychology, this is where you’ll find your tribe. Because our private, independent discussion forum will offer you a place to ask me for support, information and advice as you proceed along your journey of discovering and uncovering. It’ll also allow you to share insights and experiences with like-minded travelers across the world, and to connect with members in your local area who are on a similar path.

Each month, I’ll challenge you to focus in deeply on a particular aspect of cultivating the mythic imagination. During the first few months we’ll be working on the following topics:

JANUARY: The Wild Woman and the Wild Man

Uncivilising ourselves through these ancient archetypes in European myth and folklore.

FEBRUARY: Ancestral Arts

How do we come to terms with the three types of ancestors – those from our genetic lineage, the ancestors of our places, and our spiritual ancestors?

MARCH: The Handless Maiden

A deep dive into this beautiful old folk tale, asking: ‘What does it mean, to walk into the forest and learn to grow back our severed hands?’ And ‘What does it mean, to be a good husband?’

APRIL: Archetypal Astrology

An exploration of the mythic and archetypal underpinnings of astrology, and the ways in which our own individual soul-journey is reflected in the ever-unfolding psyche of the cosmos. 

MAY: The Embodied Imagination

How can we bring the art of imagination out of our heads and into our bodies? How can we use imagination for healing, and to enter into a deeper relationship with, our bodies?

JUNE: Conversations with the Shadow

How can we explore the Shadow sides of our own nature, and the Shadow archetypes which present themselves in our lives, by engaging with the mythic imagination?

JULY: The Post-Heroic Journey

Is it time we moved on from the heroic and individualistic, and began to dream about what a post-heroic journey might look like, for both men and women? What are the archetypes, the stories that we need for these post-heroic times?

AUGUST: The Simplicity of Ceremony

Creating authentic ritual and ceremony in everyday life.

SEPTEMBER: Psyche and Eros – the soul’s journey home

An exploration of this rich and beautiful old myth.

OCTOBER: Alchemy and the Mythic Imagination

What is the nature of the alchemical process? How can we uncover truths about our own personal transformations by exploring the richly metaphorical language of alchemy?

NOVEMBER: Dancing with Trickster

An exploration of the Trickster archetype – both male and female – in European mythology. How do we engage with the Trickster archetypes – the necessary disruptors – who show up in our lives at any given time?

DECEMBER: The Time Between Stories

Navigating transitions, from midlife onwards: from madness to fallow ground.

This membership program isn’t an online course in disguise; it’s all about building and deepening a new way of looking at the world – through a mythic lens – and there is no linear passage through it. You can join the program for a few months, or continue working with me for a few years. I really hope you’ll join me for this new adventure, and a good dose of mythic medicine.