As well as several dozen academic publications in the field of behavioural neuroscience, I’ve had a number of articles, essays and other short pieces of prose published in a diverse range of magazines, including Country Smallholding, Waterlog, EarthLines, Scottish Islands Explorer, Wild Land News, Watkins Mind Body Spirit, Immanence Journal, The Barefoot Diaries and Celtic Family Magazine. I write a regular column, ‘MythLines’, for EarthLines Magazine.

Recent/ forthcoming published articles

The Eco-Heroine’s Journey, Watkins Mind Body Spirit, Spring 2017

Celtic Mythology: An Ecofeminist Approach, Immanence: the Journal of Applied Mythology, Legend and Folktale, Fall 2016

The Power of the Celtic Woman, Celtic Family Magazine (USA) Spring 2016

Place Medicine, The Barefoot Diaries, Summer 2016

On Windfarms, and the Preservation of Place, Wild Land News, June 2013


Here is a selection of recent articles and contributions which can be read online:

Love Letter to a Bog, Caught by the River

Islands of the Heart, The Island Review

The Transformative Power of Myth and Folk Tales, Folklore Thursday

Archetypes and the Ecological Imagination, Immanence: the Journal of Applied Mythology, Legend and Folklore

The Dangerous Women of Irish Mythology, The Dangerous Women Project




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