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To enquire about my availability for lectures, interviews, retreats and workshops, please email Sharon[at]sharonblackie[dot]net. (Please note that I don’t participate in online ‘summits’.)

Although it’s always a genuine pleasure to receive personal emails from people who resonate with my work and want to share their thoughts and experiences, it’s impossible to find a chance to reply to all of them in the little time I have which isn’t taken up by writing or other work – or of course by family and other personal commitments. And I spend very little time online. I do, however, read and appreciate everything that I’m sent, so thank you! With apologies, the same time constraints mean that I’m not able to offer personal advice or recommendations, nor to help with dissertations and research projects.

For enquiries about book rights, translations and other publishing business, my literary agent is Kirsty McLachlan, at David Godwin Associates.

For information about or review copies of If Women Rose Rooted or The Enchanted Life, please contact my publicist Sue Amaradivakara at September Publishing: sue[at]septemberpublishing[dot]org.

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