Behind this website there is no organisation, or ‘team’. There is only a self-employed writer, sitting at a desk in a wild Cumbrian valley, usually with a rescue border collie dog or two – or Maeve, the Cat Formerly Known as the Kitten of the Apocalypse – at her feet. It’s always a pleasure to hear from readers, but please do be patient. I do my best to keep up with correspondence, but it can be hard! (And with apologies, it’s just not possible for me to respond to the many, many requests for help with research or other resources that I receive, which otherwise would leave me no writing time at all.)


For enquiries about books, commissions and other publishing business, please contact my agent Jane Graham Maw, at Graham Maw Christie: [email protected] 


To enquire about my availability for interviews, podcasts, lectures or workshops, or for general correspondence, please email [email protected]


If you are having difficulty accessing your material, please email [email protected] 


For information about or review copies of The Long Delirious Burning Blue, If Women Rose Rooted, The Enchanted Life, FoxFire, Wolfskin or Hagitude, please contact September Publishing: [email protected]

For information about Wise Women, please contact Virago Press: [email protected]


For permission to reproduce passages from my books, please email [email protected] 

Many of the images on this website were provided by, and are the copyright of, Sandrine and Matt Booth; find their beautiful galleries at this website.


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