Reimagining the Second Half of Life

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‘In the oldest known cosmology of my native lands, it wasn’t a sky-bound old man with a beard who made and shaped this world. It was an old woman. A giant old woman, who has been with us down all the long ages, since the beginning of time.’

Deftly interweaving myth, psychology and memoir, Sharon Blackie argues that menopause ushers in a rich and vibrant new phase of life, and explores the many different ways in which women can flourish during what is so often portrayed as a time of decline.

Hagitude unearths the stories of the little-known but powerful elder women in European myth and folklore, inspiring readers to imagine that the last decades of our lives might be the most dynamic of all. This moving and uplifting book will inspire a new generation of female elders: women who have reclaimed their Inner Hag, matured into their own unique brand of hagitude and who are ready to pass down their deep feminine wisdom for the benefit of the wider Earth community.


UK, Europe and territories outside of North America and Australasia
Hardback and e-book: September 1, 2022 (September Publishing).

North America

Trade paperback and e-book: October 11, 2022 (New World Library). 

E-book: September 1, 2022 (September Publishing)
Trade paperback: October 11, 2022 (Brio Books). 

Available worldwide from September 1, 2022; narrated by the author (Tantor).

LIMITED COLLECTOR’S EDITION: September Publishing is also offering a collector’s edition, which comes as a luxury slipcased hardback with a unique design and with exclusive content: a new, original story from me, based on a character of mine that some of you might know – Old Crane Woman. Each copy will be signed and numbered, and will include a numbered, limited edition A5 art print by artist Natalie Eslick. The print features her beautiful portrait of Old Crane Woman. This limited edition is available to pre-order now at this link only.

Praise for Hagitude

‘A fascinating book. It’s well researched, packed with stories and bursting with lovely descriptions of the natural world. There’s plenty in it to inspire women of every age.’
The Sunday Times

‘Hagitude has the power to change lives. By sharing her personal story alongside potent female figures from myth and history, Sharon Blackie offers us a rich and exciting vision of how we can grow into a more connected and creative second half of life. Full of fierce energy, this is a book that acts like a ration of courage, of purpose.’
– Tanya Shadrick, author of The Cure for Sleep

‘Like all Blackie’s works it is erudite, wise, passionate and empowering – a feast and a joy of a book; a rich weaving of mythology, psychology and personal reflection that is genuinely nourishing and transformative.’
– Sophie Anderson, author of The House with Chicken Legs

‘This dynamic book sets out an approach to ageing, that is not about staying at all costs young but instead advocates harnessing your power, learning from myths, archetypes and role models, and plotting a liberating new path to an elder (as opposed to elderly) woman. Bring on inconvenience, I say.’
– Editor’s Choice, The Bookseller

‘A wonderfully inspiring rallying cry, an eloquent and engaging offering of a world of hope and possibilities to all the women about to enter or who are already in, the second half of life.’
– Liz Robinson, lovereading.com

New membership program

Beginning 1 October, 2022

Join me in bringing together a vibrant and diverse tribe of women to explore the ways in which we can flourish during what is so often portrayed as a time of decline. How can we prepare ourselves for yet another searing transformation, and move into the second half of life with a new sense of vitality, creativity and vision? This yearlong program offers the opportunity to learn together (with and from each other), to create together, and ultimately, to become together.

Our story begins with the bone-deep metamorphosis of menopause. As we slowly begin to burn away old identities and outdated structures, we enter a state of conscious incubation in which a new life can be dreamed into being.

Registration for the Hagitude program, which includes workshops from special guest teachers, opens on July 1.


‘The Inner Hag whose image we each carry within us reflects our own unique variety of wisdom, the gift that each of us has to offer this breaking and broken world, and our own particular brand of connection to the numinous.’

Extract from HAGITUDE


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