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Please follow my personal SoundCloud channel, so you can keep up to date with audio recordings of talks and stories. You’ll find it here.

You’ll also find both audio and video offerings on my YouTube channel, here.


Below, you’ll find a clip of me being interviewed about Hagitude on BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour, September 2022.


Here I am being interviewed about Foxfire, Wolfskin on BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour in 2019.


Below, you’ll find a 13-minute interview with me for ‘To the Best of Our Knowledge’ on Wisconsin Public Radio. We spoke about shapeshifting women, kinship, and ‘consequences’!


Below, you’ll find a recording of an hour-long lecture I gave at the International Herb Symposium in July 2019, entitled ‘Flora Celtica: Plants in Celtic Myth and Tradition’.


On The Shift, with Sam Baker: listen here.

On Beautiful Misfits, with Mary Portas: listen here.

On the Royal Society of Art’s Bridges to the Future, with Matthew Taylor: listen here.

Dartington Trust Arts & Ecology podcast: listen here.

On the Accidental Gods podcast, with Manda Scott: listen here

On The Folklore Podcast: listen here

On the CIIS Public Programs podcast: watch and listen here

On the Mythic Masculine podcast: listen here

On the Knitted Heart Podcast: listen here

With Kara Johnstad, Voice Rising on OM Times Radio: listen here

On The Hive Podcast with Nathalie Nahai: listen here

On Sowing the Seeds of Change with Roz Savage: listen here

At The Numinous Podcast: listen here

On Green Dreamer: listen here

At The Red School: listen here

At Daring to Rest: listen here

On The Medicine Podcast: listen here

On Embodiment Matters: listen here

On the House of Legends Podcast: listen here

On Storytelling with Michael Harvey: listen here

On the Becoming Podcast: listen here

On the Love and Liberation Podcast: listen here

On the Mythic Medicine Podcast: listen here

On The WIld Voices Podcast: listen here


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