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Writing and teaching are the warp and weft of my life; the texture of my work comes from the richly woven entanglements of both of these threads. But the writing life predominates, and so opportunities to work with me in live/interactive online settings, or in person, are necessarily limited. Below, you’ll find a list of current live online or in-person events and workshops. Please visit the self-study page for on-demand courses and workshop recordings. Please also check out the academic and professional background which qualifies me to run these courses here.



Saturday October 21, 2023, 16.00 to 19.00 UK time

In this gathering, we’ll dive deeply into the rich old myth of Psyche and Eros. Above all, this story is about the soul’s journey home, to and through eros. In Greek philosophy, eros is described as a universal force that moves all things towards wholeness and relationship with the divine.

The many tasks which Psyche has to complete on this journey – sorting, fetching the golden fleece, acquiring the water of life, a descent to the underworld – have deep resonances for us today. How can this story inform and illuminate our own journey to wholeness? What does wholeness actually mean?

We’ll also explore the relationship between Psyche and Aphrodite: the archetypical clash between Maiden and Mother. What is the Maiden archetype, and how might we embody it? How do the ways in which we’re mothered affect our ability to belong – to ourselves, and to this world? 



Saturday November 25, 2023, 15.00 to 19.00 UK time

This gathering will be anchored around a new and unique visioning of Persephone’s descent to the Underworld.

What kind of soul journey is required of us at a time when the world around us – social, political, environmental – is in crisis? What happens to us when we ‘fall out of myth’? How can we hold ourselves together during these long, dark nights of the soul? How can we express our grief, without allowing it to paralyse us? How can we prepare ourselves for a journey through dark times, and understand the lessons of the Underworld? How can we thrive, and transform, in this place of mystery and uncertainty? And, ultimately, how can we be reborn – how can we shapeshift into a form that enables us to bring back our own unique song as a healing gift for an ailing Earth?


Interactive online gatherings to reclaim the mythic feminine and reenchant women’s stories

Our ancestors descended into caves to listen to the whisperings of the Otherworld. From time to time, you’ll find me in residence in my own virtual Bone Cave, tending a fire pit around which you are all invited to gather. The Bone Cave is a place for entering into the mystery – for imagining and reimagining the world, and our own unique mythopoetic journey through it. We gather together to delve deeply into the myths and stories which can sing new life back into the ashes of women’s fragile and depleted bones. To remember who we are, and who we someday might become.

Visit the Bone Cave page to find out what’s coming up.

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‘The course was magic. I’m not even sure how to put into words how impactful it was. How do you explain a course that alters your entire perception of the world and fundamentally changes how you view your life? I loved this course so very much my heart could explode.’ 

Sadie, USA

Forthcoming book readings and lectures

September/October, 2023

Hagitude paperback launch book tour. Click on the links for details and tickets.

12 September at 6pm, Blackwell’s, Oxford
13 September at 7pm, Winstone’s, Frome
14 September at 7.30pm, Topping & Company, Bath
12 October at 6.30pm, Waterstone’s, Kendal
23 October at 7pm, Toppings, Edinburgh
2 November at 6pm, The Whitby Bookshop

september 23, 2023

Keynote lecture, 39th Annual Women and Spirituality conference. ‘Celtic Mythology for an Age of Ecocide: the Land, the Otherworld, and the Anima Mundi’. Details here.


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