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finding ourselves in fairy tales: a narrative psychological approach

Begins Saturday May 18

This 8-month graduate certificate program (which offers Continuing Education Credits) offers an archetypal approach to understanding and working with fairy tales. We’ll be guided by ideas and practices from the field of narrative psychology, and we’ll excavate fairy tales to interrogate our self-narratives, identify problem-saturated stories and then learn to rewrite them so that we can more fully participate in the process of our own becoming. We’ll use the Fairy-tale Heroine’s Journey as a framework for exploring the archetypal feminine in fairy tales and the ways in which these stories can illuminate the process of individuation.

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Forthcoming book readings and lectures

February 18, Alnwick Story Fest: book here

March 20, Oxford Literary Festival: book here (booking link and details will be added there soon)

April 20, Greening the Self: Jungian and Other Perspectives, London: book here

May 27, Hagitude: Reclaim the Second Half of Life. Workshop at the Mind Body Spirit Festival, London Olympia. Book here

October 5, Exhale Festival (online): ‘Wise Women: Reimagining the second half of life’. Book here.


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