Reader reviews of 'If Women Rose Rooted'

The following quotes are extracted from reader reviews on Amazon. You can see those reviews on here, and at here.

‘You cannot read this book and be unchanged by it. Even if you think you are there, there will be something new – a new seed will begin to stir. I loved this book. It is so beautifully written and woven together perfectly. Evocative, honest and raw. Do read it.’

‘I couldn’t put this book down – Sharon Blackie puts into words things that I have felt for a long time but which I lacked the words to articulate.’

‘A feminist work for the 21st century, this book outlines what many women in the middle years of their journey experience; including a dismay and disillusionment with what our feminist mothers had worked for and really didn’t come to pass … Be prepared to read this book in chunks as you will have to much to think about along this journey and also be prepared to read over and over.’

‘A fabulous book, rich and complexly woven – encompassing nature writing, memoir, myth and interview. A must read for women.’

‘An intensely passionate journey following a woman’s search for her place to be and belong, both physically and mentally …¬†Essential reading for all women, whatever their background or status.’

‘This is my favourite kind of book – rich and inspiring, weaving the author’s story into the unfolding journey.’

‘A thought-provoking, inspiring read. Passionate, tender yet honest and challenging at the same time, just like the path that we all try to steer through this life. This is a book which I will read again and again.’

‘Loved this book. will cherish and re read; a classic on par with women who run with wolves.’

‘I am inspired to be greater, what could be better than that.’

‘I couldn’t put this book down – truly stirring and powerful. It will resonate on some or many levels with every woman and particularly those who seek and find connection and guidance in the natural world.’

‘Highly, highly recommended read for women who have a sense that all is not well and there are paths that need following through the land, in order to reclaim something they think they might have lost, but are not sure what. Also for women who are on the journey already and men who want a sense of women’s unused potential, and how abuse of us links intimately with a societal loss of relatedness to place. Sharon weaves such a rich tapestry of experiences (her own and other women’s) that it is impossible not to feel drawn into the spell she casts. The pages hum with an insistence that we listen but without being didactic and her descriptions of place are breathtaking. A fantastic read, but also one that challenges us to relate the issues to our own lives, to take our own eco-heroine’s journey.’

‘I’ve only just begun to read this. I cannot put it down. If you are interested in your relationship with the Earth then this is a consciousness raising piece de resistance. Sharon weaves the personal with the mythical whilst simultaneously reminding us of our responsibility to this planet and too ourselves. It’s not a gentle stroll across the fields, it is a dragging into the bog to face ourselves. I feel educated and inspired.’

‘Every now and then a book comes along that you just want to share with as many people as possible. Sharon Blackie’s ‘If Women Rose Rooted’ is just such a book. If there were ever a more urgent vision with the power to capture the imagination and bring about empowerment for change, this has to be at the top of the list of must-reads for 2016.’

‘As an Anglo Saxon male in his mid-seventies I was unlikely to pick up a book on Celtic heroines. I am glad they provide the core of If Women Rose Rooted for the lessons their lives provide. For these alone I would recommend that my contemporaries both read and purchase it for their daughters, granddaughters, nieces and great-nieces … Society needs to change its values for earth to return to Blake’s green and pleasant land. Blackie herself is an eloquent exemplar as are many other women she describes of how we must change. May their numbers grow exponentially and may we men join and support them.’

‘Settle in with a cup of tea and a pencil because this book will be hard to put down and is filled with thought provoking statements of truth that will resonate deep within the woman spirit. Sharon Blackie spins a tale of both personal and ancient stories that will have you pondering relations and yearning to connect with your primal roots, feet planted firmly in the ground.’

‘While many books will forever be in my heart, this book stands out from the rest! Blackie‚Äôs book has left me changed; understood, heard, empowered, and most importantly, inspired!’


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