Resilience and revelation in catastrophic times

Saturday November 25, 2023




An online gathering in the Bone Cave

This gathering was anchored around a visioning of Persephone’s cyclical descent to the Underworld and reemergence into the light. We walked alongside Persephone for a while; we sang over the bones of her story to reveal its wisdom and allow it to work its magic on us.

  • What kind of soul journey is required of us at a time when the world around us – social, political, environmental – is in crisis? What happens to us when we ‘fall out of myth’?
  • How can we hold ourselves together during these long, dark nights of the soul? How can we express our grief, without allowing it to paralyse us?
  • How can we prepare ourselves for a journey through dark times, and understand the lessons of the Underworld?
  • How can we thrive and transform in this place of mystery and uncertainty?
  • How can we learn to walk side by side with Death, and befriend her?
  • And, ultimately, how can we be reborn – how can we shapeshift into a form that enables us to bring back our own unique song as a healing gift for an ailing Earth?

This deep immersion into the miracles of descent and reemergence was focused around the following topics:

  • The Underworld Journey – the myth of Persephone
  • The Time Between Stories – taking stock
  • The Dark Night of the Soul – exploring grief, depression, weariness, burnout
  • The Gifts of the Dark – creative regeneration; exploring the mystery
  • Death and Rebirth – the cycles of life; ritual and ceremony
  • The Return of the Light – navigating the ascent; imagining the year ahead

In this gathering, we prepared both for our descent into the long, dark half of the year, and our ultimate emergence into the light.

how it works

Our gathering took place via Zoom, in a safe and nurturing space which encourages sharing as well as learning. The session included story, poetry and teachings, and offered prompts to spark your creativity and illumine your journey through life. 

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