At the heart of If Women Rose Rooted are our iconic, archetypal Celtic landscapes: moor and bog, sea and stone, mountains and rocky heights, enchanted forests and more. These are the lands our myths spring from; these are the lands we spring from.

On this page, you’ll find images of some of the places I’ve lived and written about in the book, as well as the places which feature in the stories and interviews in it.

Chapter 2: Wells & Waters

Baptistry, Madron Well

Clootie Tree, Madron Well

‘Altar’, Madron Baptistry

Chapter 3: Islands of the Heart

The Breanish headland, Isle of Lewis

Morning storm, Uig, Isle of Lewis

Mangustadh Beach

The headland, Breanish, Isle of Lewis

Chapter 4: Deep Caves and Bottomless Lakes

Oweynagat: going down…

Ogham Script, Oweynagat

Entrance to Oweynagat Cave, Roscommon, Ireland

Oweynagat: the entrance to the Otherworld

Climbing back out,  Oweynagat

Chapter 5: Finding the Path

Wood Witch, Gwydyr Forest, North Wales

Moya’s labyrinth, Cósan Ciúin, Leitrim, Ireland

Shaggy monsters, Gwydyr Forest, North Wales

Setting foot on Sarn Helen

Chapter 6: Moor & Bog

Sunrise in Meenderry bog, Donegal, Ireland

An Earagail at dawn

Morning light, bog, Isle of Lewis

End of the road

Snowy boreens, Meenderry bog, Donegal, Ireland

Chapter 7: The Enchanted Forest

Huelgoat, Brittany

The lochside, Loch Broom, Scotland

Old moss woman, Huelgoat, Brittany

Rock Archway, Huelgoat, Brittany

Chapter 8: The Fertile Fields

Nikki Darrell, Viriditas Hibernica, Co Cork, Ireland

Lly-y-Fan Fach, Brecon Beacons, Wales

‘Sleeping Beauty’, Breanish, Isle of Lewis

Chapter 9: Mountains & Rocky heights

An Chailleach, Bhéarra: the official story

Cockle, Wobble, Princess

Nell, the polytunnel, and bees

Rocky place, Uig shoreline, Isle of Lewis

Meenderry moon, Donegal, Ireland

An Chailleach, Bhéarra, Co Cork, Ireland

Brighid, Freya and calf Corra

Cailleach silhouette, Breanish, Isle of Lewis

Arthur, Dartmoor


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