What I’m working on now

Wise Women

A new mythology of older women

My next book, Wise Women: A New Mythology of older women will be published by Virago on October 3, 2024. More information will be available soon; you can already pre-order on Amazon UK here.

In between books, you can find more of my writing at ‘The Art of Enchantment’ – my publication on Substack – where, for £6 a month/ £55 a year, you can have exclusive new articles and podcasts sent directly to your email inbox at least three times a month. This work weaves together ideas and practices from mythology, psychology, religion, philosophy, spirituality and folklore. You can also participate in my chat and in other subscriber-only conversations with me relating to the issues I’m writing about or working with right now.

Read the Art of Enchantment here.


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