finding ourselves in fairy tales

A three-part self-study course

‘Finding Ourselves in Fairy Tales’ is a three-part self-study, on-demand course with videos, written, audio and web resources.

If you’re interested in a live program which offers a much deeper dive, please head over here to read about my 8-month Graduate Certificate program at Pacifica Graduate Institute: ‘Finding Ourselves in Fairy Tales: A Narrative Psychological Approach’. Begins May 18, 2024.

Course description

We are storytelling animals, hard-wired for story. We begin to perceive, explain and make sense of the world through the stories we find in childhood – or the stories which find us. They are the stars we navigate by. Stories teach us everything we know, and their lessons are deep and rich. In fairy tales, for example, the tasks which must be undertaken are the stuff out of which souls, not just shirts, are forged. These stories help us to reimagine ourselves, because at the heart of them is transformation: they help us to believe in the possibility of change. We come to see that there are other ways of imagining the world and our place in it – and of living more intensely, and more richly, in a world that is often filled with challenge, and sorrow.

I’ve worked in this way – as a psychologist, academic folklorist, writer and teacher – with European fairy tales now for more than two decades. Join me to explore the ways in which, even as adults, we can find ourselves in fairy tales.

Course structure


  • What are fairy tales, and how and why do they change over time?
  • How do they help us?
  • Where does their magic come from, and why are they so memorable?
  • Working with images and narrative elements in fairy tales
  • Reimagining fairy tales for our lives and the times
  • Homework: rewriting a fairy tale


  • Discussion and sharing: rewriting a fairy tale
  • Archetypal patterns in fairy tales – what are archetypes and wjy are they so important?
  • The fairy-tale heroine’s journey – how does it differ from other models?
  • Writing life as a fairy tale
  • Homework: rewrite your own life as a fairy tale


  • Discussion and sharing: writing our life as a fairy tale
  • Other ways to work with stories: dreamwork and active imagination work
  • Creating your own inner imaginarium


Our gatherings took place via Zoom. A considerable collection of additional resources – written material, an audio journey, reading recommendations and web links – are available to download.

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