Live a life that’s full of mystery, bursting with possibility – an authentic life that will challenge you to wholeheartedly embrace your calling.

‘This Mythic Life’ Membership Programme

A modern mystery school: a life-changing journey of personal transformation

As a psychologist specialising in myth and the deep imagination, I’m passionate about helping people to uncover and step into rich new visions for their lives. Our ancient Western wisdom traditions tell us that it’s through exercising the embodied and emplaced imagination – through working with myth, archetypes, dreams, fairy tales, and through exploring creative and expressive practices – that we can come to understand our unique gift and purpose, and weave ourselves back into the anima mundi – the soul of the world; this beautiful, animate cosmos to which we belong.

This Mythic Life, then, is a unique membership program and virtual learning space which guides you to revive these old enchantments, unlock the magic of the everyday, and which supports you while you’re delving deep into the mysteries of wild psyche. It’s open to both women and men.

Part mystery school, part hedge school, but above all a life-changing journey of personal transformation, This Mythic Life is for you if:

– You feel as if you’re between stories, and are looking for new stories to illuminate who you are, and what your place in the world might be;

– You’re yearning for meaning, and for ways of feeling a profoundly embodied sense of belongingness to this beautiful, animate Earth;

– You’d like to understand your own individual mythopoetic journey: to understand the mystery which lies at the heart of you, and to uncover the unique gift that you bring to the world in these challenging times;

– You’d like to learn how to cultivate your mythic imagination, and understand the mythic and archetypal patterns at work beneath the surface of your life;

– You’re longing to live a life that embraces mystery, and is bursting with possibility – an authentic life that will challenge you to wholeheartedly inhabit your unique calling;

– You’d like to move beyond the merely theoretical, and be challenged to create new ways of thinking about the world and your place in it, and new practices which will help you to live more deeply and richly, every day;

– You’d like to learn how to understand and work with techniques and practices from Jungian depth psychology and transpersonal psychology in your life, outside of a therapeutic context;

– You’d like the support of a like-minded community, and expert guidance, to help you navigate the transformations ahead of you, and to encourage you along your path.


This Mythic Life is a unique monthly membership program for people who want to delve deeper into my approach to the mythic imagination. Whether or not you’ve read my books, or participated in my online courses or in-person workshops, This Mythic Life will provide you with ongoing resources to help you make deep, meaningful and sustainable changes in your life, and support you on your journey to embrace your calling. The program offers you:


This Mythic Life is founded on authentic scholarship based on my decades of ongoing professional training and practice in psychology (neuroscience, narrative, depth and transpersonal psychology) and mythology, as well as committed engagement in the mythopoetic and other creative and expressive arts, and a deep and grounded personal practice. (You can check out my academic and professional qualifications and experience here.)


The old forgotten mythologies and philosophies of the West are rich, complex and beautiful. They offer up a world in which everything is alive, and has purpose and intentionality of its own. A world to which each incarnated soul chooses to come, for a reason: to fulfil its own unique calling, and to offer up a gift which can only be expressed through relationship with and participation in that animate world. It’s time to reclaim those old, indigenous ways of being in the world – the ancient foundation-stones of Western spirituality – and make them the guiding stars we live by.


Each month, you’ll be offered a ‘challenge’ to focus on in the weeks ahead, along with live webinar ‘lessons’, audio downloads, practical tools and creative exercises to help you find your path.


You’ll receive weekly emails from me with reflections, quotes, poems and other inspirations to encourage you along the way. 


Our private, independent discussion forum will offer you a place to ask me for support, information and advice as you proceed along your journey of discovering and uncovering.


The forum will allow you to share insights and experiences with like-minded travelers across the world, and to connect with members in your local area who are on a similar path.



Each month, I’ll challenge you to focus in deeply on a particular aspect of cultivating the mythic imagination. During the first few months we’ll be working on the Trickster archetype, an introduction to synchronicity and archetypal astrology, the psychology of alchemy, Shadow-work, severance in ‘The Handless Maiden’ story, navigating midlife transitions, and the Post-Heroic Journey.


One weekday each month at 4pm UK/Irish time (in North America, 11am ET, 10am CT, 9am MT or 8am PT), you’ll be invited to log into the membership site and join me on a live-streamed video call. If you can’t attend, a post-call recording will be available to watch at your convenience. The subject matter will reflect our monthly challenge, and you’ll have the opportunity to participate in a live Q&A.


Each month I’ll create a new and exclusive audio file featuring a guided meditation, imaginal journey, or related practice, which you’ll be able to download for your continued use.


Each month you’ll be invited to view or download a workbook containing practical tools and creative exercises to help you navigate our monthly challenge.


Each week you’ll receive an email from me with a reflection, quote, poem or other inspiration to encourage you along the way.


On our independent, supportive community forum, you can share revelations and get advice from your fellow travellers, or ask questions of me, as you move through the monthly themes and challenges. Local/regional boards on the forum will allow you to connect with and organise meet-ups with likeminded people who live in your part of the world.


Monthly prize draw

Each month, one of our members will be randomly selected to receive (by mail) a ‘story bundle’ which I’ll personally put together, and which will contain a story or poem of mine printed on handmade paper, a set of full-colour postcards with some of my favourite quotes from my books, and a natural gift from the land here in Ireland.

Course Discount

20% off any of my online courses, for the duration of your membership.

Priority Workshop & Retreat Bookings

Priority booking for forthcoming workshops or retreats, and access to member-only events.


This Mythic Life will begin on January 5, 2020, and will open for enrolment from December 15. There is no set course, or path of progression through the program; it can be joined at any time, and you can leave when you want.

There are two membership levels:

This Mythic Life Bronze: pay as you go. For a monthly subscription of £18 (annual equivalent of £216), you’ll have access to all the membership material which appears on the site after the date you join, for as long as you choose to stay in the program.

This Mythic Life Gold: £198 per year. If you choose to commit to working with me for a year in advance, you’ll receive one month free and a couple of extra bonuses. You’ll also have access to all membership material on the site, regardless of when you join.

If you haven’t already joined my list, please use the subscription form below, and you’ll be the first to receive an email with more information when enrolment is open.