An online gathering in the Bone Cave

Saturday February 27, 2021

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An online gathering to explore our unique gift and purpose

Ancient European traditions tell us that each of us came to this life with what the poet Goethe called a ‘holy longing’: an urgent calling, a personal gift, a unique image which we carry with us, like a necessary candle, to illuminate this world at this challenging time. In this gathering, we’ll explore the ways in which we might uncover and harness that holy longing inside.

We’ll ask ourselves what it means to be a modern mystic, and explore the mythology of Sophia, the personification of Wisdom and the anima mundi.

how it works

Our gathering took place via Zoom, in a format which enabled us to enjoy each other’s faces, and to break out into discussion groups to deepen our connections with other participants. Our gathering included story, poetry, teachings, participant discussion groups and creative prompts. I was also joined by Heather Munro Pierce, founder of the Women’s BodyMystik Dance Tribe, who led us in a session of embodied wisdom through dance.

The recording of this event is available for purchase; it includes a video of the main session, the chat transcript, and access to downloadable resources; we did not record the breakout sessions. The full recording is approximately 3 hours and 10 minutes long.

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