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I’m delighted to invite you to The Mythic Imagination Network, a private space for building community, for exclusive learning, as well as a safe space and sounding board for exploring and enhancing your own unique mythopoetic journey through life. All those who are interested in cultivating the mythic imagination as a way of life are welcome here: lovers of myth and story; artists, writers, activists; those interested in Jungian and archetypal psychology, spiritual seekers … Share, reflect, learn and grow with likeminded travellers through the enchanted forests of the psyche. Offer articles or videos of your own; join discussion groups and our monthly sharing circles. Join our Story Cauldron virtual book group, and our Soul Story Circles. Explore exclusive content from me and guest teachers, receive discounts on online courses – and more.

Why does the mythic imagination matter? Because the world is changing. The old stories that Western civilisation has been living by for the past few centuries – stories of limitless growth, of the pursuit of progress as the primary purpose of life, of human separation from and domination over ‘nature’ – are crumbling. These are the stories of the patriarchy, of the heroic. The post-heroic stories which we need to replace those destructive tales will be born from this time-between-stories, and from the imaginations of visionaries and myth-makers like those who are gathered together in our community. We especially need the stories of the land; the stories of our native traditions, and the wisdom which is encoded within them.

This community is for you if:


– You feel as if you’re between stories, and are looking for new myths to illuminate who you are, and what your place in the world might be;

– You’re looking for a caring community of fellow seekers to support and challenge you along the way;

– You’d like the opportunity to meet online a couple of times a month with Sharon and other community members, to talk about the ways in which we might navigate this ever-more-challenging world.


– A safe space in which to share stories and experiences with likeminded people, and uncover ways to help you navigate your journey through the deep, wild, mysterious woods of the psyche

– Exclusive articles and videos in which I share what I’m thinking about and working on

– The Story Cauldron: a bimonthly book club, including a live Zoom webinar, in which we delve deeply into a work of fiction inspired by myth and fairy tales

– Soul Story Circles: a bimonthly Zoom event in which we work together with a selected myth or fairy tale. We work through the themes of the story, the archetypes and imagery, and have an open discussion about the way the story reflects and reveals themes and patterns in our own lives.

– Monthly themed sharing circles, also on Zoom

– Seven ‘gateways’ to focus our discussions:

MYTH, FAIRY TALES AND FOLKLORE – the relevance of our native myths, fairy tales and folk traditions to the personal, social and environmental problems we face today

RECLAIMING THE MYTHIC FEMININE – how can myth, story and our old native traditions help us to reimagine the feminine today?

CULTIVATING THE MYTHIC IMAGINATION – how to work with myth, archetypes, dreams, fairy tales, divinatory techniques; how to explore creative and expressive practices to develop the mythic imagination

WESTERN SPIRITUALITY & WISDOM TRADITIONS – for those who’d like to explore Western spiritual/mystery traditions, and our native wisdom traditions – Celtic, Scandinavian and more – here in Europe

PLACE AND BELONGING – how to cultivate deep and enduring relationships to the places we inhabit

MYTH AND MEDICINE – for lovers of plants and herbs, and the stories and wisdom they carry

DEPTH AND ARCHETYPAL PSYCHOLOGY – for those who’d like to explore ideas in contemporary depth and archetypal psychology

– Groups to gather together for deep explorations:

The Moon Lodge: younger women and women enjoying their middle years are welcome to join The Moon Lodge

The House of Elders: If you’re going through menopause, or are post-menopausal, you’re welcome to join the House of Elders

If there’s demand, we would be more than happy to set up similar spaces for men, for transgender men and women who’d like to explore and reimagine their own unique stories and mythic and archetypal patterns, and for those who identify as queer/nonbinary

Discussion groups for those of you interested in the issues in my books, including an opportunity, available only to our members, to keep up to date with the ideas behind my new work-in-progress, Hagitude, and to share your thoughts and ideas on the stories of female elderhood

Dedicated discussion forums for each of my online courses, for those who are enrolled

– Exclusive member-only discount of 10% on new online courses

Join us for a deep dive into the Mythic Imagination


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