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Writing and teaching are the warp and weft of my life; the texture of my work comes from the richly woven entanglements of both of these threads. But the writing life leaves little time for travel, and so you’ll find that it’s usually easier to work with me in online settings. Below, you’ll find a variety of offerings, ranging from on-demand, self-study courses to more interactive, community-based experiences, as well as the occasional live event or workshop.

All of my work is grounded in a firm commitment to ongoing academic and professional training in the fields of psychology (with a focus on narrative, depth and transpersonal psychology), mythology and folklore – and especially in my longstanding exploration of the native traditions of the British Isles and Ireland. In order to teach, you need to have learned. And you need to keep on learning. As a teacher and guide, that’s my commitment to you. Please check out my academic and professional qualifications here.

Most of my work is aimed at reclaiming the mythic feminine, but it is not intended to be exclusive. I welcome all perspectives on this work, and all the diverse stories which can enrich our experience of what it is to be human. And so my courses are also open to men, to all those who identify as women, and to nonbinary and queer folk.

Why now?

If I’m passionate about any one thing, I’m passionate about transformation. It’s only by transforming ourselves that we can hope to transform the world. If we want to change the dominant, life-denying cultural mythology which is failing us and failing the planet, we need to begin by transforming the myths that each one of us chooses to live by. We need to discover our personal calling, to uncover the unique gift that we each bring to the world at this time – and to understand our own individual mythopoetic journey through this life. That’s the foundation for all of my work.

Change always begins with individuals, and it always begins with imagination. It begins with a different story which succeeds in capturing our imagination more effectively than the old, now-crumbling story with which we’ve been brought up. A different story which speaks to our longing for deeper connection, for deeper meaning. My work is designed to help you find those stories.


… for subscriber-only teaching and sharing circles.

I’m delighted to invite you to my network, a private space where I offer live monthly teaching/ sharing circles to subscribers, post occasional teaching notes on myth, mythopoetics and the mythic imagination, and gather together a community of ‘mythical misfits’ – people who are looking for a more authentic and inspiring story to live by than that offered by the overculture. We also host story circles and sharing circles from guest contributors each month.

This Network also offers a gentle and moderated space and a friendly sounding board for exploring and enhancing your own unique mythopoetic journey through life, with me and with other fellow travellers. You can offer art, articles or videos of your own; you can join discussion groups, our Zoom-based book group and story circles, and our regular live open sharing circles. Or, if you prefer, you can just enjoy the space quietly, to read and listen.

the bone cave

A virtual fire circle


Our ancestors descended into caves to incubate dreams and listen to the whisperings of the Otherworld. Here, you’ll find me in residence in my own virtual Bone Cave, tending a fire pit around which you are all invited to gather with me. The Bone Cave is a place for entering into the mystery – for imagining and reimagining the world, and our own unique mythopoetic journey through it. We gather together at regular intervals during the year, and delve deeply into the myths and stories which can help us remember who we once were, and who we someday might become.

The Bone Cave sessions are usually focused around conversations about the mythic feminine, but all are welcome. Join us for forthcoming live sessions, or purchase reduced-price recordings of past events.




Courting the World Soul is an on-demand, self-study foundation course in cultivating the mythic imagination.

– learn practical techniques to create a grounded, embodied practice 

– uncover the mythic themes and archetypes which are active in your life

– understand your own individual mythopoetic journey through this life, and the unique gift you bring to this world, at this time

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Our old Western traditions tell us that it’s through exercising the embodied and emplaced imagination – through working with myth, archetypes, dreams, fairy tales, and through exploring creative and expressive practices – that we can come to understand our unique gift and purpose, and weave ourselves back into the web of life on this beautiful, animate Earth.

This Mythic Life, then, is a unique on-demand, self-study course which guides you to revive these old enchantments, and unlock the magic of the everyday.




Myth and medicine intertwined: Sisters of Rock and Root is a year-long, on-demand self-study experience for women who want to delve deeply into the wild Western European myths and fairy tales which have women at their centre. We’ll explore a range of female archetypes, and harness their wisdom to help us connect in a grounded, rooted way with the cycles and seasons of the year. Join this course to explore the themes associated with these stories as they arise in the cycles and seasons of your own life.




In this on-demand self-study course, we’ll take a deep dive into the well of womanhood in the ancient traditions of Britain and the Celtic nations. We’ll understand how and why women were viewed as guardians and protectors of the land, and also represented the moral authority of that Otherworld which is so perfectly entangled with this one. How can these old stories help us on our journey to restore the Wasteland both inside and outside of ourselves? And what does it mean for women to reclaim our voices, in these ever-more challenging times?

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Are you interested in studying accurate and up-to-date information about the native myths and traditions of the ‘insular Celts’: Ireland, Wales, Scotland and Cornwall? And are you interested in exploring what an authentic contemporary spirituality might look like in the context of this ancient knowledge, so reclaiming your ancestral roots? If you are, then this unique, self-study distance-learning course is for you.

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Due to the COVID pandemic, I’m not able to plan any live workshops or events until the second half of 2022. But please keep have a peek at the list below as events are slowly added.

Forthcoming events

MARCH 30, 2022

Guest speaker, ‘The Law – How Do We Restore Balance on the Earth?’ at Embercombe. For more details, please visit the event website.

APRIL 2, 2022

Guest speaker, ‘Re-animating Ourselves: Contemporary Animism Annual Confluence’ at Embercombe. For more details, please visit the event website.

MAY 18, 2022

Guest speaker, ‘Learning with the Seasons: a journey into human and forest health’ at Guardians Worldwide. For more details, please visit the event website.

June 2 – 4, 2023

Guest speaker, ‘Jung by the Sea’: Centenary Celebration of Jung’s seminars in Cornwall. For more details, please visit the conference website.


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