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The best way to keep up to date with opportunities and offerings as they emerge is to sign up to my newsletter; you can do so at the bottom of this page. The ‘news and events’ page of this website contains up-to-date listings of forthcoming lectures, as well as workshops and retreats. 

Opportunities to work with me in Ireland, or via distance learning

In February 2017, I launched ‘The Hedge School’: a physical location in Connemara, as well as an online space, which provides a home for the various courses, retreats and workshops I offer. Please do visit to discover what’s happening. You’ll find distance learning courses, residential retreats for women, and my unique new offering, a one-year online immersion in ‘Celtic Studies: Myth and Tradition’.

Opportunities to work with me in North America

A surprising percentage of the people who take my online courses or join my retreats here in Ireland are from the USA and Canada; at the last count, it was around 80%. For this reason, in 2018 I decided it was time for me to begin teaching there, and to offer more opportunities to study with me in person. I lived in America from 1996 through 2001, and so somehow it seems appropriate to bring this work back to a country I once thought of as home.

Forthcoming North American events are listed below; more events will be added as they are confirmed.

June 2019 teaching visit to the USA


Friday 7 – Sunday 9 June

The International Herb Symposium, Norton, Massachusetts, USA (3 talks/workshops; details to be announced in autumn).
Keep up to date with this event here.

Friday 14 – Sunday 16 June

Weekend workshop at The Garrison Institute, Garrison, New York – a beautiful retreat centre in an old Capuchin monastery on the banks of the Hudson River.

‘The Mythic Imagination: Unlocking the Magic of the Everyday’.

Myths and fairy tales are so much more than stories: they’re living principles, deeply enmeshed in our lives and the life of this beautiful, animate Earth. And in the uncertain times we live in, we need their wild wisdom more than ever. They illuminate who we are, who we might become, and help us discover the unique gift that each of us brings to the unceasing becoming of the world.

During this workshop, we’ll explore the many ways in which myth and fairy tales can inform our journeys through life. We’ll delve deeply into beautiful old stories, come to understand the mythic patterns which underpin our lives, and learn how to work with the archetypal characters, places, and situations which influence the choices we make. Sharon will act as your guide through the enchanted forest of your imagination, offering dreamwork, expressive art exercises, and writing meditations to help you develop and deepen your own mythic imagination.

Please Note: This workshop is for women only.

Details and bookings at this link.

(If you’ve attended any of my North American workshops in 2018, this workshop will be a good follow-up, with all-new but related content.)

September 2019 teaching visit to the USA


Friday 30 August – Monday 2 September

‘A Psyche the Size of Earth’: a 3-day weekend workshop at the beautiful Synergia Ranch, New Mexico. Located 30 minutes from the center of Santa Fe and 45 minutes from Albuquerque, Synergia Ranch is set on 111 acres of high desert prairie, dotted with pinon and juniper trees.

The old myths, stories and philosophies of the West offer up a world in which everything is not only alive, but has purpose, intentionality of its own. Over the centuries, this old knowledge has been deliberately overwritten. And so we’ve forgotten how to listen to the song the mountain sings. We’ve forgotten how to listen to the voice of the ancestor who comes to show us how to take up the shimmering mythlines of the past, and weave them into the tapestry of the present. We’ve fallen out of myth.

In this unique workshop, we’ll learn once again how to fully participate in what psychologist James Hillman called ‘a psyche the size of Earth’. We’ll go out and listen to the land’s dreaming, and in the process, we’ll find ourselves getting dreamt. We’ll deepen our relationship with the soul of this world – the anima mundi – in order to uncover and explore not only our own unique mythopoetic identity, but the unique gift, or ‘calling’ – the hidden treasure – which each one of us brings to this world. Through personal myth, fairy-tale narratives and imagery, journeying, dreamwork and land-based practices, we’ll find our own unique bridge to the imaginal world: the mundus imaginalis of ancient tradition; the richly mythic and archetypal Otherworld of the Gaelic tradition to which I belong..

The work we’ll do is rooted in mythology and archetypal psychology – but above all, it’s rooted in authentic relationship with this beautiful animate Earth, and a deeply grounded participation in the land where our feet are planted.

This workshop is open to both men and women.

Details and booking information are at this link.

Friday 6 – Sunday 8 September

Weekend workshop at Esalen, Big Sur, California; details coming soon.


Friday 13 – Saturday 14 September

Lecture and workshops at the Black Mountain Circle, Point Reyes, California; details coming soon.

May 2020 teaching visit to the USA


May 1 – 2

Keynote presenter at ‘Spirituality in the 21st Century’, Prairiewoods, Iowa. Details to be announced.

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